About Us

Henry Lee’s is a concept café kitchen + collaborative space located in the newly developed arts and culture precinct of 16 Eveleigh Street Redfern.

The collaborative essence of 16 Eveleigh Street sets the tone bringing an array of high quality creative based experts under one roof from a varying range of industries – Food, Wine, Design + Interactive Media.

Like the two great story-tellers of our generation, Nick Cave + PJ Harvey, whose collaborative work inspired the name Henry Lee’s and the greater ambition behind the business, we aim to tell a story via each and every facet of our offering and engage our customers with the passion that comes from this and what we do.

We are passionate about flavour, seasonal produce, art, culture, coffee + living a self-sustaining lifestyle, supporting artisanal, creative + small batch producers.

From the carefully curated menu to coffee by Sydney boutique roasters The Little Marionette and hand-crafted ceramics by Studio Enti, we aim to educate and support fellow creative and lifestyle passionistas thrive and survive.

Welcome to the world of Henry Lee’s.

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Monday to Sunday 8am – 3pm

Entry via Hart Street

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Facebook: henryleesredfern

Instagram:  @henryleesredfern

Henry Lee's



At Henry Lee’s we believe that great food, beverages + music go hand in hand to create the most beautiful of experiences for our customers.

Here you will find the latest playlists that have been created in house to keep the groove-a-movin’ and our customers singing from the rooftops!

Take a listen…

The Eveleigh St. Creative Precinct

The 16 Eveleigh Creative precinct was created in 2016 by bringing an array of high quality, creative based businesses + industries together, under one roof.
Award winning design meets Food, Wine + Interactive Media.

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News + Updates

The Monkey.

The Monkey.

The Fountain of Youth is simply 100% natural, fresh coconut water. This is the clear liquid from inside the young, green coconut. Its highly nutritious and is jammed full of vitamins and minerals and there’s no added sugar and no preservatives. Its a great,... read more
CAWFEE | The Little Marionette

CAWFEE | The Little Marionette

Born from an egg on a mountaintop, The Little Marionette hatched in Sydney’s Inner Western suburbia and developed into a specialty roaster at the forefront of boutique coffee in Australia. The Little Marionette select, roast, blend and gently caress the beans to... read more